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InvoluntaryCelibacy Sun 25-Sep-16 17:22:15

It's awful! Can I get a refund? The only messages I've received are from men 10+ years my senior, the rest visit my profile and ignore it. What was the point in paying £20 to be messaged by old men, I could have got that for free on POF.

I feel like my love life has ended. I'm only 28 but noone can be bothered to message me because they think they can do better. If I was a single guy at 28 I'd be having the time of my life! Fuck this planet

(I have noone to talk to in RL so I thought I'd express how I feel on here hope that's okay)

InvoluntaryCelibacy Sun 25-Sep-16 17:45:54

Wow I killed my own thread

PollyPerky Sun 25-Sep-16 17:49:02

why are you so ageist? I had along relationship when I was early 20s with a man almost 15 years my senior. Maybe you need to be more open minded.

At 28 you ought not to need OLD- aren't you out doing hobbies, sports, work etc where you will meet men anyway?

HardToDeal Sun 25-Sep-16 17:49:17

Have you had someone else look at your profile for you? I think it does tend to be older guys on there but I signed up last week and have had plenty of interest from guys in my age range (I'm 36) - yeah, loads of messages from old chancers but I just ignore. Plus bloody millions of winks and favourites from possibles, but I don't message guys first so they're just hypothetical. I did make sure I had really good photos up though, including a blatant full length picture that shows off my figure. I also put a jokey one up for an icebreaker for people who didn't know what to put in their first message.

BlasianFashionista Sun 25-Sep-16 17:49:55

I don't think you'd be entitled to a refund, how long has it been since you signed up?

Give it time...

HardToDeal Sun 25-Sep-16 17:49:55

And I don't go more than 10 years older, I don't care if it is ageist, I'm just not interested plain and simple.

Littleallovertheshop Sun 25-Sep-16 17:51:32

If you're within 14 days phone and cancel.

PopFizz Sun 25-Sep-16 17:51:43

If people are looking at your profile, and not messaging you, I would take a look at your blurb and photos objectively.

And I'm a firm believer that if you're OLD you can't just sit back and expect everyone to come to you. Send some messages and winks etc yourself.

Destinysdaughter Sun 25-Sep-16 17:52:30

Oh dear OLD can be hell! Come and join us on our support thread for all of us trying to navigate the ups and downs of it all! Also think a pp did manage to get their money back from Match after finding out how rubbish it was!

Destinysdaughter Sun 25-Sep-16 17:54:46

Here we are

PollyPerky Sun 25-Sep-16 17:55:54

I thought Match gave a refund it after 6 months you'd not met someone?

Anyway- I think you have a closed mindset. Age is a number. It's the person who counts. If you met a guy off OLD and fell for him and he was a young looking and young at heart 38 yr old what would you do? Do you ask every guy his age before you speak to him?

AnyFucker Sun 25-Sep-16 17:57:19

38yo's are "old men" ?


everythingis Sun 25-Sep-16 17:57:55

I wouldn't go 10 plus years older either and I'm 37. I'm v attached now but over the post divorce years I met some lonely guys in my age range on Match. It was a lot better than pof it just takes longer. I am sw for context of area

Seeyouontheotherside Sun 25-Sep-16 18:01:36

Are the demographics on is older generally? If younger men are ignoring your profile then it's probably because of how you present yourself. Maybe you look older, have older interests and seem more mature. Or perhaps you're claiming to look for commitment which will send most men under 36 running.

Never tried match but tinder is good.

hownottofuckup Sun 25-Sep-16 18:03:03

This thread is giving me serious dear James vu

hownottofuckup Sun 25-Sep-16 18:03:42

Deja vu hmm

Ninasimoneinthemorning Sun 25-Sep-16 18:05:45

I'm 38 next year and I'm smoking hot - just putting it out there! wink

InvoluntaryCelibacy Sun 25-Sep-16 18:08:15

PollyPerky I'm a single mum with no friends so nowhere to meet anyone

HardtoDeal II haven't put up a full length picture I'll try that since I have a good figure

Blasian I've only been signed up 1 day but I'm quite impatient. I might try filling out their questionnaire and messaging people but I don't think guys my age will want single mum's who are looking for something serious. I have my fun want to settle down now!

PopFizz I've favourited 2 guys I've found attractive. One looked at my profile and didn't message back. My profile us rather short but it asks me to put how my friends would describe me but I have none so I have nothing to draw on

PollyPerky their age shows up on their message. I don't want anyone too old otherwise there'd be a power struggle going on! 38 is my max. I've tried seeing people older but it's so weird. Surely they should be seeing their own age?

AnyFucker wow you've commented on my thread I feel privileged :D and yes old compared to me! Older than 38 that is.

Thank you for replying to me it's nice to express how I feel to someone. The only person I have IRL Is my 21 month old but she's not the best conversationalist

AnyFucker Sun 25-Sep-16 18:09:26

One day ? In a bit of a hurry ? smile

InvoluntaryCelibacy Sun 25-Sep-16 18:12:46

seeyouontheotherside I've put my interests as video games, reading and cooking I think that should be relevant to 28 year olds (I hope!)

Nina go you! I hope I'm hot at 38 I'm pretty attractive now it might be because I put 'important' to wanting kids in my profile and I'm a single mum but I don't want to lie and pretend I don't surely that would attract the wrong people (aka guys my own age! Ha)

MoreGilmoreGirls Sun 25-Sep-16 18:13:28

I think it is going to take longer than one day hmm

InvoluntaryCelibacy Sun 25-Sep-16 18:14:01

AnyFucker I think it's that time of the month! :D

InvoluntaryCelibacy Sun 25-Sep-16 18:15:34

MoreGilmoreGirls I know I should really give it time but I've had 400+ views today and a few messages! Just seems like a waste of time really!

PollyPerky Sun 25-Sep-16 18:16:34

why should someone older than you get into a power struggle with you OP? That is a really odd thing to say! When I dated an older man it wasn't like that at all.

Sorry but you are coming over as very immature- stick with the youngsters maybe after all.

MsStricty Sun 25-Sep-16 18:16:54

Part of the challenge is your demographic, I think, OP.

At 28, I would say most (not all, I know) people who are contemplating having children in their lives are looking to start their own as opposed to coming into a relationship that already has children in it.

It's only when you hit an older age bracket that you start finding more, rather than fewer, people with their own kids, and so their priorities in a partner are different.

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