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Mistykit Wed 21-Sep-16 18:54:52

Bear with me please. I think this is half a rant and half looking for validation. Me & my ex broke up about 6 wks ago (only together for 7 months) but this was EA, yes?

-refusing to have sex with me for 2 months saying that he's "not feeling it"
- taking the piss out of how I look in photos and then liking tits/ass hanging out of shorts photos on social media. He has stopped this now that he has a new girlfriend.
-told me a couple of times that I'm disgusting (I'm not)
-asking me to do do something on a particular day; I do it; then tells me it was meant to be a different day and that he had told me correctly (he definitely did not tell me the correct day)
-frequently called me crazy
-letting me believe we had got back together after a break up (going out on dates, sleeping together, spending a lot of time together) and then denying we had got back together. Telling me I got it wrong, it was my fault for doing so and I shouldn't have slept with him
-generally critising me and putting me down often
-trying to make me jealous
-asking me to call over and then saying I don't give him enough space
-threats to dump me anytime I had tried to talk to him about us
-not allowing me to try to make any plans / dates with him. Only he was to do this (got threatened with being dumped for that too)

I feel like such a fool for putting up with him. My confidence & self-esteem is clearly low.

soaringdoves Wed 21-Sep-16 19:33:05

Thank your lucky stars he is an ex.
Dont absorb all the bullshit he fed you. Sounds like a guy i was once involved with, awful experience.

TheNaze73 Wed 21-Sep-16 19:36:26

Yes it was. Pleased you got out. How/why did you stick it out for 7 months?

R2G Wed 21-Sep-16 19:44:05

Yes it was. You should stay on your own for now and build your self esteem x

Mistykit Wed 21-Sep-16 20:32:01

Thank you smile. For a while I thought I was going crazy because everyone loves the guy (can be charming). He used to tell me how to behave in front of people too.

Yup.. I am struggling to avoid absorbing the criticisms and nasty comments. I haven't quite got that switch flicked over in my head yet.

He was like that for the last 4 months.. was on good behaviour for the first 3. I'm quite sure he started cheating around then too (only found this out yesterday).

tallwivglasses Wed 21-Sep-16 20:46:44

You dodged a bullet there love. Well done.

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