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Non contact

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curryandrice Mon 19-Sep-16 19:08:24

I recently told my mother how let down I had felt by her "parenting" over the years and how appallingly I felt she had treated not just me but also my DB who has MH issues that I feel are a direct result of her and my father's treatment of him. This has resulted in her going NC with me which is no loss.

My DC are young adults and I have never really discussed their GPs behaviour although they have witnessed some of it and are aware that they are very difficult and selfish people.I now feel very upset that my mother is contacting my DC to arrange family get togethers and feel that, if they go, my mother gets exactly what she wants. Whilst part of me realises they are adults with a separate relationship with her, the other part of me feels like telling them some of the things my parents have done (or maybe getting their DF -my ExH- to tell them some of the awful things they did when our marriage hit the rocks).

jeaux90 Mon 19-Sep-16 19:30:47

I would tell them, they are adults and deserve the truth so they can make their own minds up. Big hug, sounds like a terrible childhood for you but you sound like a lovely mum X

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