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when will this end

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greenberet Mon 19-Sep-16 18:20:52

i'm really struggling right now - have it within my power to destroy the x once and for all but I can't do it - but instead I am destroying myself - so I would be defending myself if i did it right? my mental health is falling apart - i am not sure when I will crack - I have tried to phone womens aid and just put out a call to my mental health team. I am 4 weeks away from Final hearing and currently have no legal representation - long story - today it clicked why letters from HMRC have been coming here re an unpaid debt - he was manipulating the situation so the bailiffs turned up and took personal belongings away in the next two weeks - the kids have just come in and moaned cos their tea is not ready - when are the legal world going to wake up and stop these highly regarded professional C88ts from continuing to abuse us even though they chose to fuck off with someone else - im sorry i have had enough - been bullied by x been abused by my own legal team and now getting abused by his solicitor too - its all a bloody joke

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