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Prolonged financial loans

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Shrutinair Mon 19-Sep-16 15:53:17

Hi , i. Very distressed. I have been married for 6.5yrs now with a 3 yr old son. My husband is a good person, kind,caring and very loyal.
But right from the start we had financial issues. His family and he decided to hide from us the huge huge credit card debt that they had so much so that my father actually had to pay gor my tickets to send me to be with my husband after marriage. But even after finding out about the nature and extent of the loans i decided to do the right thing and support my husband in every way i could .. except asking my dad to repay his loans. So i left my blooming career and took up odd jobs to make as much as i could so that i could help him.. but after doing to for 8months my parents made me realise that completing my education would help my husband more in the long run. And my husband too assured me that withing another2yrs he would manage to clear the loans.. now its been 6.5 yrs and the loans seem to be increasing..about 2.5 yrs back i was bundled off to my fathers house as my husband could not handle the expenses and since then i have been working and supporting myself and my son.. at my fathers home with no help from my husband or his family. And now he says that for some reasons he cant say he had to increase the loans for another yr.
Now im truely frustrated because not only do we not have any savings or safety net , we have also lost communication and contact with each other owing to the distance. I feel at a completely disconnected from my husband and feel great anger towards him. I feel i dont trust him to mke the right financial choices and also that my respect for him has been reduced in the last few months.I find myself regreting ever getting married to him and missing carefree stressfree life . I feel like he has failed me over and over again and feel at a lack of ideas as to what else to do. The only thing i think that probably makes me stay is my son. But off late i dont think thats a problem either coz anyway since im supporting him alone i feel j can manage on my own .
Am i wrong? Is it wrong that now i feel like i cant tolerate this anymore and that now i feel we need to have a serious talk about where this is headed. Because in my mind if this is the situation then i do not wish to continue like this. Might as well be independant than dependant and yet have to struggle so.
Please help.. i really need some advice.

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