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not sure whats for the best....

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owlman Mon 19-Sep-16 08:32:12

Hi i'm a guy looking for some advice.
Wife and i separated in may of this year, she is 40 i am 39, she has 2 DC from a previous relationship DD4 and DS6)
it wasn't the best relationship, she is very loud, likes to shout and says awful things when shes angry, not saying i am a saint but i would never call her the things shes called me..
Anyway, shes pregant, due oct, i moved out hoping to be able to reconcile eventually, she lives next door to one of my oldest freinds who i go see occasionally.
I know from experience, shes got a temper on her, bit when i was round my friends house yesterday all i could hear was her shouting, swearing, at her DD, my friend says that it is like that a lot now, i didnt know what to do, i know i should have intervened but i was so shocked i just went home and cried, shes carrying my child and she treats hers like this, she was always strict with them, unless she was tired then they had the run of the house while she slept! but i never heard her swear like that at them.
Im worried for my child, I'm in a house share at the moment, a box room really, so its going to be difficult having my child to stay over. I really don't know what to do..

TheNaze73 Mon 19-Sep-16 10:30:35

I do feel for you OP. A lot of men find themselves supporting ex's & getting the box room option as their only option, due to ridiculous maintenance payments. One of my closest friends, had this, was cheated on & pays over £1500 pcm, to support his ex, 2 children & her unemployed new bloke.
I think you need to try & get your ex on side, could you talk to her when children aren't around. Don't go on the attack, be supportive. good luck op

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