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Overcoming past abuse

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Caffeinator Wed 14-Sep-16 05:25:37

Was going to NC for this but can't remember my password and fuck it anyway, there's no one IRL who would recognise me from my past posts who wouldn't also know a bit of my past.

Anyway... I've been through a fair bit of shit, as many of us have. Emotional abuse from an ex has left me with agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder (was always shy but years of "You're not good enough to go outside" and so on and so forth exacerbated the issue to a ludicrous degree) and I'm stuck as to how to get past it.

I have a lovely fiancé now who has made me a better person but still I struggle with "low" self esteem (I put it like that because I'm not so sure it's low, I reckon it's accurate and other folk have yet to find out that they rate me too highly) and an eating disorder as well & probably too many details to put in a first post! Apologies for rambling a little, it's difficult to think coherently at present never mind type coherently.

Is it possible to address issues like these without professional help? Any advice? Am quite prepared to be handed the usual MN grip by the way.

RickOShay Wed 14-Sep-16 14:19:59

I think it is possible, but it takes longer without counselling. I used to feel very sorry for myself, and have managed finally to stop self pity and replace it with self respect. But it did take me ages to get there. Try and accept yourself and what has happened to you, and believe that you deserve to get some of the things you want. That would be a good start. smile

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