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Marriage guidance, does it work?

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Solongtoshort Sun 11-Sep-16 19:27:14

My husband suffers from anxiety and for the last two years home life has been tense and l have finally had enough. I just can't deal with my stressful job, two children and him anymore and he has gone to stay with his dad. He has been having counselling for his anxiety.

We have just been discussing what the next step is and l want to have marriage guidance of some sort, l need him to understand l can't live like this anymore and that yes l'm prepared for this to be permanent if he doesn't change. He isn't violent just shouts a lot and l feel massively unloved.

I know l would have him back if things changed but l don't know anyone who has gone through counselling,is it worth it?

Do you / have you had marriage counciling? Does it work?

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