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Met him when I least expected!

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user1473511733 Sun 11-Sep-16 18:04:46

Where did you meet your other half?
I'm curious, as a single parent I don't go out much, tried internet dating but struggling to find anyone I fancy... I'm in my early thirties...
Would love to hear stories, of how you met him/ her when you least expected it, when you were so caught up in a busy everyday life that you thought you would never fall in love again...
They say expect the unexpected and I do believe it to be truth, being a little sceptical though as Its been a while...

ayeokthen Sun 11-Sep-16 18:11:13

I'd left an abusive marriage, was happily on my own with DS for years. Went to my pal's house and met her BIL and my jaw literally dropped. Some sneaky matchmaking from now SIL later, we're ridiculously happy 5 years down the line with two more kids. I thought he was way out of my league when I met him, he's gorgeous, but as well as that he's the whole package. You know the kind of thing folk write songs about. We've been to hell and back for various reasons in the last 5 years (health problems, family stress, bereavements) and every single time we've kept each other standing. I still get excited when he comes home from work, and he does too! The kids go "ugh don't kiss Mummy/Daddy that's gross!" I still can't believe my luck!

ayeokthen Sun 11-Sep-16 18:12:38

I should add that I had given up on love, was resigned to being single all my days and wasn't looking at the time. My late best friend had a ridiculously happy marriage, and I never believed I would ever find that.

metimeisforwimps Sun 11-Sep-16 18:14:03

My dh was my teacher (we were both adults at the time). I had strong feelings for him at the time but didn't expect him to feel the same way. Two years later he bumped into my friend who had also studied with him at the same time as me. He told her he needed to contact me as he was in love with me smile. I was shocked and then pleased and we got married stupidly quickly grin. It was very unexpected. I was 32 and had given up. So expect the unexpected flowers.

metimeisforwimps Sun 11-Sep-16 18:16:26

Lovely thread idea, I love a bit of romance.

lrb978 Sun 11-Sep-16 18:18:56

Went to the pub one Monday for a monthly meet up of people with a common interest, he was also there, spoke for about 20 minutes as he was about to leave, chatted on line every night that week, met up on the Friday for a couple of hours (that ended up being 5 hours...) and we have just celebrated 4 years of our first date.

I was also a single mum in my early 30's, on my own for 8 yrs at that point, no longer looking for anything but found him anyway grin

user1473511733 Sun 11-Sep-16 18:20:37

Awwwsmile how lovely! Thank you girlssmile heart warming stories like that restore my faith in lovesmile

FlyHighLittleBee Sun 11-Sep-16 18:25:38

Need this thread. Still waiting for my Prince Charming after sacking off a massive frog recently blush

hownottofuckup Sun 11-Sep-16 18:34:14

Place marking I could do with hearing some happy ever after tales, had thought that today was the day to give up on ever having a happy successful relationship!

LineyReborn Sun 11-Sep-16 18:40:22

A friend sent another friend round to help me deal with a burst pile.

I opened the door and bam.

Still together over 3 years later. I was a very resigned lone parent at that point. And interestingly so was he.

LineyReborn Sun 11-Sep-16 18:41:13

Burst pipe grin My arse didn't explode

MalodyandJim Sun 11-Sep-16 18:43:02

Oh god I need this thread too.

ayeokthen Sun 11-Sep-16 18:44:38

LineyReborn best typo ever grin

LineyReborn Sun 11-Sep-16 18:46:37

I'm very proud grin

ayeokthen Sun 11-Sep-16 18:47:57

Indeed you should be 😂 My DCs just asked why Mummy snorted like a pig grin oh dear

hotdiggedy Sun 11-Sep-16 18:48:46

Burst pile made me laugh smile Now, he really would have been a keeper!!!

nicenewdusters Sun 11-Sep-16 20:20:08

I don't think I could ever recover from the shame of my future Mr Right having to tend to my burst pile grin wink

BlueNeighbourhood Sun 11-Sep-16 20:28:38

A chance visit to London to meet an internet best friend I'd had for three years. We always got on, and there we were in a pub in central London, the whole place going up because Italy had just scored in the Euro's against Belgium and we only had eyes for each other and talking.

We both didn't ever expect to feel the level of attraction we did, it was we're three months in and things are absolutely amazing. I didn't expect at all to fall for her or anything, I thought we'd meet and have a drink. And now we're super happy!

BodsAuntieFlo Sun 11-Sep-16 20:30:53

I met him at 17 at a party and we lost touch. Met him again at 17 1/2 when he visited my dads cows as a student vet with his dad's practice. I fell pregnant at 18 blush and he proposed while washing his hands after having them up my horses arse due to colic. His exact words were "I'm not proposing because you're pregnant, I'm proposing because I've loved you since *** party, can you hand me my towel" 🙄 We've been together 30 years.

myfriendnigel Sun 11-Sep-16 20:40:05

Had been separated from h for a year-was feeling very low and run
Down. DP walked into my work one day to have a look at the building-he was building a similar one for the company elsewhere and wanted to see the finished article.
Chatted to him for 40 minutes or so. Really liked him but wasn't really in that place at the time-plus he is a bit younger than me so assumed he wouldn't look twice.
Met him again at work conference a few months later. He came straight up to me and said he had thought about me every day since he met me, and although I was probably out of his league would I want to go for dinner when we got home? I think I actually swooned.
Been together 5 years now. He looks after me like no one ever has and I fancy him rotten still.

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:40:17

Met my dh at a bar. Total stranger. Kissed at the bar within an hour! Shared a taxi home (coffee but nothing else!) text all day the next day and haven't been apart since that day. Married with a toddler now. Been together 4 years.
Oh and I had ten kids already when we met-told him in the first conversation! He is 10 years younger than me and had never married or had kids when we met! Actually he had never even held a baby either!! Expect the absolute unexpected!!

DailyMaui Sun 11-Sep-16 20:52:35

I had a very dysfunctional childhood with an emotional and physically abusive dad so I spent a huge part of my adult life dating fuckwits. I went to a birthday party of my gay friend's best friend and there he was.... The only straight man in the room and drop dead gorgeous. I still remonstrate with my friends that one of them had a brother and failed to mention him. We've been together 14 years now with two kids. It's not been all plain sailing but we do all right.

I ever thought I'd have kids and be happy in a relationship. Didn't seem "me" somehow.

littlewoollypervert Sun 11-Sep-16 21:00:00

Single 13 years, finally went online, he messaged me that night and the next day, met for coffee the following day, and dating since (only 3 months but it's all good so far). He did something yesterday that was small but makes me think he's a keeper (does things like this regularly and I don't think he even realises I notice them). So my first and only date in 13 years has been very successful!

SleepingTiger Sun 11-Sep-16 22:34:04

Came back from a holiday on the Sunday. Went to work on the Monday, life as normal. Same on the Tuesday until I went to a meeting in the evening. Met her and the atmosphere was electric.
Saw her the next evening, and the next. By the Friday morning we were in love.
Still are. Not living together yet, but it's getting harder to carry on this way so we will soon.

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sun 11-Sep-16 22:49:20

I was very happily single for 10years. I wasn't looking for a relationship at all and was very content with the idea of being alone for the rest of my life.

I mentioned to my dad that I was having problems with my car, he in turn mentioned it to a mechanic friend of his who offered to come and have a look. What was a quick 20 minute job turned into dinner and a 5 hour conversation. Two weeks later it was Valentine's Day and he sent me a valentines card. we've been together ever since and will be getting married next year.

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