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Disconnected dh

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Msqueen33 Sun 11-Sep-16 17:21:18

My Dh is in his mid thirties. He has a busy professional job but is always tired (he likes his job). He's fine medically but always comes to bed late which I've told him is silly but as we have three kids two of whom have autism I don't need a fourth to get into bed as bedtime already takes me two hours on my own as he's not here. I respect he's busy and aside from the odd bit of washing up he does nothing in the house which is fair enough. I took the kids away with a family member for two weeks over summer so he had five days to himself over the weekend and bank holiday weekend. The problem is weekends. I don't feel like he wants to be here, he's snappy, doesn't seem to want to do anything and what annoys me most of all educationally doesn't get involved with the kids (I'm not asking loads as he's not about in the week but the odd bit of reading and helping one of the kids who struggles with a subject he's very good at). I've broached this with him and all he says is he's tired (he's not depressed as he's happy to do his own activities but it feels like the kids stress him out) but I'm tired also. I've been up two full nights with our youngest autistic child who would not sleep this week. I brought DC down so he could sleep as he has work. I'm a sahm and youngest is two. I feel he's boring and not hugely invested. Whilst we were away he cut some hedges and hoovered once and apparently he wanted a medal or so it seemed. I'm becoming resentful at the lack of get up and go he seems to have at the weekend as he's tired. I feel like I'm doing it a lot on my own. I just needed a vent as I can't talk to my mother as it will cause an issue with her and dh (they clash easily).

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