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Advice on leaving marital home

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user1472418611 Fri 09-Sep-16 19:19:54

I am recently seperated from my husband, but we are both still living in the marital home - he won't move out as he says he can't afford to, he is currently not paying a penny towards the bills.
I have my first mediation appointment next week, but the living together is a nightmare and giving me anxiety issues - I need to start to move on.
If I leave and rent a property, am I causing issues for myself in the divorce - I am in contact with the mortgage company to agree lower payments while the house is sold (we both agree it needs to be sold) and I intend to stop paying any utilities. Could this go against me at all in the financial settlement? I earn a lot more than he does (he used to earn similar but too, redundancy and then a min wage job 3 years ago) and we have no children - he insists I need to pay him maintenance to allow him to rent somewhere, but I'm assuming this will be covered in mediation.
What advice does anyone have?

pallasathena Sat 10-Sep-16 07:20:58

Go and see a solicitor and get a free half hour consultation where you can get some answers. I think your ex is trying to frighten you and a solicitor can reassure you that your ex has an agenda that won't stand up in law.
For your peace of mind I'd book into a hotel for the weekend just to get some peace and time to think.

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