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Rights for Woman phone line

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rightsforwomen Thu 08-Sep-16 11:17:21 lists 020 7251 6577 for Family Law. I have called many, many times. It's either engaged or I get through to a recorded message listing many other numbers, none of which are the number I need (I need family law).

Am I doing it wrong? I do appreciate they are very busy and are volunteers, but it seems strange to have opening hours for a recorded message.

I did call the Criminal Law number 020 7251 8887 and again got a recorded message, but the message was spoken so, so quickly you can barely hear what she's saying.

rightsforwomen Thu 08-Sep-16 14:55:28

Reply to my own OP.

They replied to my email to say the recorded message actually means it's engaged. It makes sense now.

rightsforwomen Thu 22-Sep-16 20:05:26

Has anyone ever been able to get through to a person?

I have tried hundreds of times and either get engaged or a recorded message telling me all lines are busy then it hangs up.

I KNOW they are volunteers etc etc but it's actually not doing my MH any good keep trying. Makes me feel alone and also very sad that there are so many women in the same boat.

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