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Is this the end?

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I've been with dp for 16 years. We have two amazing dd's aged 8 and 5.

We never have sex, I suffer with anxiety and take anti d's and think my dp may be a bit depressed too, but he never ever goes to doctors. Between the two of us we just cannot be bothered with sex.

We don't talk about anything other than the kids.

He never shows any affection toward me and sometimes I feel like his affection is conditional to me. I am the worlds worse house keeper ever! Fact! And if I do try hard to make an effort with the house I notice he is so much nicer/loving. We both work full time and both have stressful jobs.

We do go out and socialize together but mainly spend the evening talking with friends not each other we barely notice each other.

I sleep a lot and I know this annoys him. Literally the instant I'm sat down and things are done I'm asleep. I go to bed early and we'll just love being in bed I feel safe and comfortable here.

When I'm clearing up doing house work I find my self daydreaming about being on my own with the girls and not having to worry about our relationship anymore. But I worry I'll break his heart, or I'll tear up a family. Or I am wrong and everything is fine and maybe I'm just one of those that is never going to be happy because I'm always thinking too much about everything!!

I don't want the next 5 years to be like the last I don't want to keep wandering I also don't want to screw everything up! confused

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