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To feel 5 years old again.........

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hrtbigbutt Thu 01-Sep-16 10:18:05

I was wondering what you wise mumsnetters would do if you were me?

I had an awful childhood which included neglect, poverty , one alcoholic parent and one self absorbed fantasist as other parent, (very diluted version) Fast forward 40 years and the surviving parent is taking the piss, and I resent it so much.
Yesterday my db sent some abusive messages to my 15 year old dd which were completely out of order, and dm has completely backed bastard db and this has had me swinging between furious rage and tearful helplessness. I feel all the rejection and pain of that 5 year old again only worse as its my dd who is also the victim, I feel guilt because I didn't protect her and now she is been rejected by my dm.
My db had a different df and did not experienced a traumatic childhood. So I feel double rage at the spoilt twat. My dm relies on me for all her general running about and i feel guilt that I won't be doing this anymore, even though it is a huge pain in the arse!!!
Apologies for ranty and confusing post I need external Views with experiences of normal childhoods.

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