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Hurt with MIL

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foxypenguin Wed 31-Aug-16 19:19:19

So my mil hasn't been to see my Dd in 5 weeks, she's 6 weeks old. She's been "too busy". She lives 5 mins away. She told us she's been depressed so we made sure she knew we were here for her and just stayed away. A few days ago we found out she's left her husband for a guy from Pakistan around the same time Dd was born. So around the time she became "too busy" to see her.

I'm so hurt. And angry tbh. She was supposed to be coming over today but didn't turn up. That's twice now she's done it. Iv texted her and she hasn't answered. I feel like someone needs to say something to her but no one is. This guy is younger than her, she's just had some money come in. I really don't know what to do/say. I just feel like if it doesn't work out with this guy than she will regret not seeing Dd. Her other gdd lives hours away. sad

sophiestew Wed 31-Aug-16 19:27:35

foxy you have just had a baby so focus on that and ignore what is going on with MIL.

I can understand you are disappointed at her lack of interest, but the rest of it is none of your business, no matter how concerned you are.

Don't let her behaviour mar this lovely special time for you. flowers

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