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World's Most Rubbish Proposal...

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plutoisnotaplanet Wed 31-Aug-16 08:25:38

... but it was perfect all the same grin

I knew he was going out to buy a ring yesterday, we've been together 8 years and have a date set for the wedding already, so yesterday morning he announced he was off into town to ring shop... i asked him who it was for hmm

Anyway, I gradually got really excited throughout the day then he rang me at about 4pm and I asked if he'd been into town... he said no... I was absolutely crushed. It was then I realised the whole engagement thing must mean more to me than i thought and the fact he hadn't got a ring today like he said he would felt like a massive blow.

Turns out he was trying to throw me off the scent and had actually got the ring, but he was a bit too good at lying and it massively backfired blush

Anyway! Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm sat on the sofa, DP calls me into the kitchen, gets down on one knee, the dogs think he's about to play with them so jump on him and push him over... ring box goes flying across the floor and gets stuck under a kitchen cupboard blush

Poor DP spends 15 mins fishing under the cupboard with a coat hanger to retrieve ring box while I absolutely die laughing and the dogs try to lick his face..

Ring box was eventually retrieved and dogs secure in the other room, DP proposed on the kitchen floor and I, of course, said yes grin

He then had to go out to work so I spent the rest of the evening in the bath with a glass of wine researching venues...

We were going to DTD (obviously) when he got home but he was really tired.. made a valiant effort but it was not to be blush

We are off out tonight to celebrate properly so hopefully we can redeem it!

Make me feel better, has anyone else had a worse proposal?

category12 Wed 31-Aug-16 08:27:44

Congratulations smile

MoosLikeJagger Wed 31-Aug-16 08:30:12


Mine was not that bad. I knew something was up because now-DH had done the hoovering, but we don't have a dog...

NoCapes Wed 31-Aug-16 08:30:22

That's adorable! Such a good proposal story, and so much better than a cheesy 'he spelled out the words in rose petals' or some such shite
Congratulations smile

user123456789 Wed 31-Aug-16 08:32:27


My now husband was acting strange all day, to the point I began to worry he was ill.

We were meant to be going out for dinner but in the end he said he didn't feel like it, anyway I snapped and asked him what was going on (11pm by this point, barely said a word to me all day, agitated etc) again said nothing.......... Anyway, I went for a shower and when I came back he tried to get down on one knee, tripped and dropped the ring in a bowl of soup he had made me ha ha.

Turns out, the place he had booked out entirely had a power cut and had sent him into mad panic, so I spent the rest of the evening cleaning tomato soup out of the claws of the ring ha ha.

Was a bit of an anti climax, happily married now though so all is well that ends well! X

SnakeWitch Wed 31-Aug-16 08:34:08

It sounds quite lovely actually, apart from the bit where you got upset!

I'm not a fan of big staged proposals, sometimes they're all about how it looks, and then the same for the wedding, and the actual being married part gets a bit lost. I predict a long and happy marriage for you, congratulations!

Myusernameismyusername Wed 31-Aug-16 08:34:18


Mine was crap and not romantic.
We had a baby together so the following Christmas he asked me what I would like and I said 'to be engaged!' As a kind of testing the waters to see what he thought of the idea. But he took me out and chose a lovely ring and wrapped it up. On Christmas morning he just gave me the box and didn't say anything. So I put on the ring by this time a bit puzzled and asked if we were engaged and he said 'if you like' so really I got an engagement ring for Christmas with no proposal.
Needless to say we did not get married!

I wouldn't have cared if the proposal was not in a glam location it would have been nice all the same. So yours is lovely and not rubbish

Frazzled2207 Wed 31-Aug-16 08:36:32

Bless you.
Congratulations x

LumpyMcBentface Wed 31-Aug-16 08:37:09

My ex husband said 'my divorce has come through, here's £60, go and buy the cheapest ring in Argos'.

Dh planned a romantic evening and asked me to get all dressed up, we laid the table properly and had nice music on. Then my BIL came round for a chat, stayed for ages, I drank all the wine while I was waiting for them to finish talking.

After he'd gone we sat down and Dh brought me another drink, of course it has the ring on it but in my tipsy state I didn't notice, he had to tell me before I swallowed it.


Ohb0llocks Wed 31-Aug-16 08:40:07

Yes. DP got home closely followed by 3 year old DSS who announced 'we've got a really nice ring for you! Look! Daddy show her'

pasic Wed 31-Aug-16 08:41:00

Hang on, hang on, what's the ring like?

GastonsPomPomWrath Wed 31-Aug-16 08:48:32

Aw congratulations flowers

Mine didn't even get down on one knee.

He'd been acting a bit weird. We were at my mums with the kids. I'd been giving him a hard time all afternoon about his attitude. I'd been really poorly for a few weeks and had got to that point where I was running on empty and feeling tired and emotional.

We got home and the kids were running about everywhere putting coats and shoes away. He said my name, I turned round and he just shoved the ring box under my nose.

"What the fuck is this?" I snarled.

"Please be my wife" He said with tears in his eyes.

I started pissing myself laughing and I was crying and he was crying and hugging. The kids were looking at us like wtf hmm

I still rib him about how naff it was.

MsMermaid Wed 31-Aug-16 08:48:37

My proposal was a bit of a non-event. It was Christmas, we'd had a lovely day with the kids, then after they had gone to bed we were watching TV and he just casually said "how about making this permanent by getting married?" Then he left the room and I wasn't even sure he was serious. He didn't have a ring (I chose my own later) and I don't think he'd even planned to do it.

We did get married, last summer. It was lovely and small and intimate, suited us down to the ground. The proposal doesn't have to be amazing as long as the marriage itself is fabulous.

plutoisnotaplanet Wed 31-Aug-16 08:53:30

This will completely out me but I really dont care grin

The ring, ladies and gents shock

Turns out DP has excellent taste in jewelry.. this bodes well grin

LyraMortalia Wed 31-Aug-16 09:11:07

That's lovely flowers my now dh got all stressed trying to get me to choose a ring whilst making our t he didn't want to get married I got all stressed he blurted it out in a shop doorway and I said no ...... we are going away on our delayed honeymoon in a couple of months HO hum he'll never let me live it down. "She said no, can you believe it" tells everyone who'll listen.

Tartyflette Wed 31-Aug-16 09:12:39

That's lovely! Congratulations. And a great story, too.

plutoisnotaplanet Wed 31-Aug-16 09:13:02

These are outstanding grin

pasic Wed 31-Aug-16 09:13:37

Lovely ring, really pretty. Congratulations.

plutoisnotaplanet Wed 31-Aug-16 09:34:48

I love it too! He chose it totally un-prompted too! Clever boy wink

He even stole one of my cheapo rings he's seen me wear on my right hand ring finger and took it to the shop so he knew my size.

Apparently the shop assistant was brilliant and helped him choose white gold based on pictures of me/ my skin tone. She was spot on.

She pulled 5 or 6 rings for him to look at that matched his budget and took them all out into the light and let him have a proper look at them. Apparently, they were all "nice" but when he picked up this one he grinned like "Golem from Lord of the Rings" hmm and just sort of "knew" it was the right one grin. Apparently she asked him what he was thinking and he said he wasnt sure if I'd like it, but HE loved it and he wanted this to be the ring he gives me because it's just "right". He couldnt really explain why he felt like that when he was telling me the story and it was really sweet smile He was also spot on, it's absolutely beautiful smile

I think I've got a keeper wink

velourvoyageur Wed 31-Aug-16 13:07:56

Congrats OP, fab story!

Gastons I laughed for ages at yours, you're so funny!

bushtailadventures Wed 31-Aug-16 13:19:24

My DP proposed in a Co-Op cafe, with my Mum and Step-Dad at the same table. The ring cost a tenner, silver plate and glass, but I loved it anyway! Just don't leave it as long as us to get married, we've been 'engaged' for 28 years this Christmas smile

Your DP has great taste (obviously!) that is a beautiful ring

Amiable Wed 31-Aug-16 13:41:26

DD was 6 months old and it was our 2 years BF/GF anniversary - we'd gone to my parents so they could babysit for us. Only I'd been crap and hadn't booked anything for Saturday night, and then couldn't get a table anywhere, so we ate with my parents. my Dad then insisted that we at least go out for a drink, so they could fulfil their bit as baby sitters. I was in a foul mood by this time grin and very reluctant but he eventually bullied me into going.

Anyway, we went down to crappy local pub - the World Cup was on so we were the only ones in the lounge bar. DH then pulled out a little box and gave it to me without a word - I burst into tears, and then panicked thinking, 'oh god, what if it's just earrings?'... It was indeed a beautiful ring, he asked "Will you have me" I cried some more and said yes. DH then tried to buy some champagne, and the barman very apologetically explained they didn't have any, as they only get it in to order, so we toasted our engagement with cider!

It turned out It turned out DH had asked Dad's permission beforehand (very old school!) so Dad knew DH's plan all along which is why he pushed me to go out!

plutoisnotaplanet Wed 31-Aug-16 13:41:35

bushtailadventures no fear, the date is set and is just over 18 months away smile

We are getting married on our 10th anniversary smile

MagpieWife Wed 31-Aug-16 13:45:14

I had a lovely proposal - very very romantic and maybe a bit too sickly sweet for some so I won't go into it here!

The only problem was that my husband was desperate for it to be a surprise and was trying to throw me off the scent. My best friend was in on it and kept telling me he wasn't the marrying kind. One Sunday night I felt so insecure I asked him if he thought we'd be together in 5 years - and he replied 'Meh... I'd give it a 50% chance'.

He proposed on the Wednesday and it was lovely, but I very nearly broke up with him before he had the chance!

OhDearMuriel Wed 31-Aug-16 13:50:45

Lol, didn't stop laughing all the way through - best proposal I've heard of. Congratulations to you both!!

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