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Which dating app/site?

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summersunshineaddict Tue 30-Aug-16 14:39:59

Asking for a friend, which one should she go for? She's already on POF as its free so why not but any other recommendations as she's finding nothing on there!

LondonRoo Tue 30-Aug-16 16:37:28

I met DP on Lovestruck.

My experience was that free websites were good for meeting A LOT of people and a handful of those people were actually looking for a long term relationship. Many just enjoyed dating and weren't necessarily looking for something long term. Also ratio of weirdos to normal people was relatively high - made for good stories but not much relationship potential.

Paid websites - people are generally (but not always) looking for someone long term BUT the dates are less frequent. Also, annoyingly, you can't tell if someone is a paid subscriber and therefore you have no idea if they're disinterested in you or if they can't actually message you. However ratio of normal people to weirdos is better!

Anyway... I also thought Lovestruck was naff and there wasn't anyone interesting on there (and I exchanged a couple of very strange messages from people saying they'd fallen in love with my face... one man demanding a date immediately and saying he had no time to waste on casual chatting before meeting and one who started out nice but then turned nasty in the space of a couple of days chatting) but then a nice sounding man started messaging me and well... he was my last ever internet date well over a year ago now.

I will give you one good tip with the paid websites... sign up but don't pay the subscription fees, then wait. Suddenly, you'll get extremely big discounts in your mail box!

Good luck!

summersunshineaddict Tue 30-Aug-16 16:43:52

Ah that's a good tip, thank you

There just seem to be so many which is a shame in a way, need to be on the right one!

PrizeyPrize Tue 30-Aug-16 19:33:33

In order of preference, first being best

OK Cupid
Coffee Meets Bagel

summersunshineaddict Wed 31-Aug-16 08:29:22

Wow, ok thats a really interesting order. Wasn't expecting Tinder to rank so highly!

Thank you

StillDrSethHazlittMD Wed 31-Aug-16 08:34:32

They are nearly all rubbish unless you live in a highly populated area, to be honest.

I do not understand why people love Tinder so much. The distance thing is total rubbish. I had mine set at 35 miles and was constantly seeing profiles which said someone was 27 miles away and in the text said they lived in London. Or Brighton. Or Dubai. All of which are considerably more than 35 miles away by any stretch of the imagination. And no, they weren't just visiting nearby.

The paid sites have loads of fake profiles that will suddenly spring up when you are nearing the end of your subscription to message you to get you to stay.

Remember these are businesses - it isn't in their interest for you to find someone because if you do, you leave and they don't get your money.

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