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Moving house jitters

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Aranpoo Mon 29-Aug-16 12:10:52

DH and I have been looking for a house to buy for around 6 months now, we have sold our own house and have needed to find something quickly.

DH is very picky and appears to have a roller coaster of ups and downs in relation to the houses we've considered buying. We lost out on the house he 'really wanted' but I think he romantising as even then he kept finding faults.

We've since found a house we both like, it's under budget a little smaller than we would have liked, but workable. There are things we can do to make it more spacious and better suited to our needs so the fact that it comes under budget allows for it.

Anyway, our offer has been accepted and DH is now dampening all of the excitement with second thoughts. It's now not big enough etc etc and it will cost too much to put right. After viewing the house initially, we both said we really liked it. So what is the answer? Should be we be head over heels for the house we buy or is it OK to have a few reservations? Or is my DH just very picky and will find fault in any house we buy? He's a perfectionist and tends to find fault in a lot of things to be honest.

I'm just mentally drained by it all and quite like the house we've put the offer in on (even though it is a little smaller than we'd have liked.) I think it's workable though and we can knock down 2 walls to increase space.

I'm having to do all the leg work with viewings/ estate agents etc as DH doesn't like talking on the phone. But feel he's the one getting the final say and being awkward. I personally feel he's expecting too much for our budget. He's expecting a cottage in the countryside with land and big rooms on a fairly high-average budget. I'm just exhausted by the constant analysing/ searching/ making offers, bit I know it's not a reason to buy something you're not 100% sure about.

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