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How do you know splitting is the right thing?

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deltacrook Mon 29-Aug-16 09:51:08

I am in such turmoil. We've been drifting apart for months now and the last 2 weekends have just been dreadful.

I think there is still love there but not as a married couple should be. I really don't want sex with him anymore and he deserves better than that. I am finding him more and more difficult to live with.

The whole relationship is just a mess. I don't want to end up hating him but I need a break, space and to clear my own head. There is nowhere for either of us to go in terms of moving back in with family. No local rentals so it means him moving away as I'd want to keep DS at school locally.

Can you split and be friends - I'd be devastated if we ended up hating each other. Can a split ever be amicable. DS only has us (no grandparents alive) but I just can't continue living the way we are. Its miserable.

I know the marriage is over but I never expected it to be so painful.

TheNaze73 Mon 29-Aug-16 10:00:20

You've got to trust your gut instinct on this. All you can do is worry about your immediate future, aiming on being friends is commendable however, he may hate you for ending it, so you can't think that far ahead. You have to think about you only here

Resilience16 Mon 29-Aug-16 11:46:53

Why have you drifted apart? Is there a cause or just taking each other for granted? On what level is it a mess and why is it dreadful?
Have you discussed it or is communication part of the problem? Is it worth considering counselling?
If you really do feel it's the end of the road then get some legal advice so you know what your options are. It's going to be painful yes, but if the relationship really can't be fixed then you have to be brave and call it a day.
Good luck x

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