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Just had a huge argument with my mum

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AmyC86 Sun 28-Aug-16 17:26:13

Tbh it's a long time in coming. This morning I went to a local retail park to collect a parcel, which coincidentally is around the corner from my parents house. I ummed and arrred over if I should pop over for brew but decided against it as I expected that my Mum would be in work (as she works the majority of Sundays).

Later on in the afternoon I hears from my mum (my parents and sisters have a group on what's app we use to communicate easily) on the what's app about going out for lunch with one of my sisters. I suggested that they pop over to myou place for the afternoon, which they where considering doing, no mention of joining them for lunch.

My mum then asked what I'd been up to during the morning & explained the above about the trousers. She went absolutely ballistic! "So you were near the house but didn't think to pop in but expect us to come over to yours" etc etc. I told her to forget it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this conversation continued & basically it's all my fault, apparently I never visit, I always make an excuse. In reality (which is what I told my mum) I'm fed up of attempting to organise things with her for her to change her mind or for her to make other arrangements. I've lost count of the times where she's "had better offers" of spending time with my other siblings and their children. Or changed her day off work. Only 2 weeks ago I organised to go out for coffee after she'd finished work, she offered for me to stay for dinner, but I'd already made prior arrangements in the evening & she said "forget it then" even though it was my suggestion in the first place. The times when I do see her she's always with my other sister and her kids & basically ignores me!

So we've had a fall out, sorry for the long post but I just wanted to get things off my chest.

ABloodyDifficultWoman Sun 28-Aug-16 18:34:28

Sounds crap sad. If I were you I'd stop organising things to involve her - pretty much stop expecting anything of her. Has she always been like this?

AmyC86 Sun 28-Aug-16 19:02:04

When i think about it, yes she has & I've had endless years of trying. Shes always thrown her dummy out of the pram in the past when I was dating now DH attempting to make me feel guilty about not spending much time with her. She now does this with my younger Sister while she's dating her DP.

She spends the majority of her spare time with my other sister and her kids. Which annoys me becuase I never get a look in.

She tells me her days off but then when I'm off at the same time she's usually organised something else with my sister and her kids.

I recently had surgery in hospital & I had to visit her not the other way around sad

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