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I'm so hurt 😪

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user1468244773 Sat 27-Aug-16 18:20:16

I just don't understand how family can not be bothered with my Dd? It doesn't make sense. She's 6 weeks old, we haven't see anyone since the first week. Her dgm lives 5 mins away. Iv not been able to drive as Iv had a section. She made this big thing about how her husband have been like a dad to dp, but we've also not heard a thing from him. He hasn't been to meet Dd.

I texted her last night asking how she was and I just got back that she's had too much stuff to sort out.

She's been out and about most evenings looking at her Facebook. She has another grandchild who she can't see much as they lives 3 hours away, she went on and on about how she "wasn't allowed at the hospital to see dgd".

It breaks my heart. My mum passed away a few years ago and would have given anything to be around to watch her grandchildren grow up. sad I can't imagine not being interested in my grandchildrens lives sad

MatildaTheCat Sat 27-Aug-16 19:08:37

That really is very sad. Is there a back story here? Was she banned from visiting you in hospital and if so did that upset her greatly? Some people can really bear a grudge.

You don't sound particularly close to her so it might be better if your dp pops in to see her and invites them both round for tea or something and you give her lots of chances to cuddle the baby.

This might be a chance for you to get closer to her and her dh although there is also the possibility that they aren't terribly maternal/ paternal or not interested in babies.

I would be hurt though and it's very common for new mums who have lost their own mothers to feel the grief all over again,must as you are. Do discuss this with your HV if it seems too much.

Congratulations on your beautiful new baby. flowers

user1468244773 Sat 27-Aug-16 19:56:05

Sorry I meant she was "banned" from seeing her other grandchild. Well that's what she thought but she wasn't. I messaged her saying she's welcome round and baby would love to see her, she said "sorry but Iv been busy!"

She normally comes round a lot, I'm always telling her she's welcome and we love seeing her sad

MatildaTheCat Sat 27-Aug-16 21:15:23

Sounds like you need to talk to her. Texts are very misleading sometimes. Maybe she's been unwell or something completely unrelated. If you are normally on good terms it's fine to call her and ask if everything is ok because you and your baby are missing her company and would love to see her and dh.

If you feel you can't get dp to talk to her. Hopefully its something that's not serious and nothing to do with her taking against you.
Talk. smile

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