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She always brings the dog!!!

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Overandout74 Tue 23-Aug-16 09:37:17

Now let me start by saying I'm an animal lover and have a dog of my own. He's a staffy cross and he is 11 now.. He's getting on.

He is very well trained and loves my children.
I have three boys and I'm expecting a girl grin

Anyway here lies the problem.. My best freind owns a small dog cross bread not sure what kind.
Now don't get me wrong the dog is cute. However he isn't that well behaved.. Very yappy, jumping on furniture ect.. You get the point.

Now i love my best friend.. But every time she comes over she brings her dog. I value our freind ship.. But she doesn't even ask if it's okay, she just assumes. She does treat her dog like a child and takes him every where with her. I'm the opposite, I love my dog. But he's a dog and I don't drag him out every where with me.
One of the biggest problem with this is my children sometimes get over excited with him and get too loud near him ect and he has snapped a few times at them. Not bit them just really yappy.
My friend always ends up telling my children off and in return so do I..

But I feel bad because they don't understand and they are used to playing with their medium sized dog.
Also my dog doesn't like it either they can't be near each other. He is fine with dogs outside the house.. But it's his territory and he hates it. He growls and has snapped at my freinds dog once or twice.

Nothing has ever come of it but it's really not fair and again I end up telling my dog off and putting him in another room while her dog sits on her lap on my sofa.

Her dog winds my dog up too by growling every time he comes any where near.
I feel really cruel on my dog and I shouldn't have to tell my dog or my children off.

Like I say she just brings him along knowing this happens.
I feel like I don't have much of a friend ship left with her because atm I can't get out that much I have a lot of health problems in this pregnancy and also can't drive atm.

I want to invite her around more often.. But how do I tell her the dog isn't welcome without damaging the friendship?

I'm not a very conflicting person I hate it in fact.
How do I minimise it on this Subject?

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