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Has any one took on the local authority social works on in court and won

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nattygk Sun 21-Aug-16 19:24:57

Hi I'm a mother whom hasn't had my daughter in my care for over a year due to social services using my learning disabilities mental health and my fibromyalgia against me. I have found the social worker to be rude bias and broke confidentiality by sharing information to a 3rd party I've fighted them for months on end and exhausted the complaint procedure the thing is that the local authority are lodging a petition in court for a permancey order under section 80 of course I've apposed the order and I'm asking for my daughter to be returned to my full time care I'm not the monster they are making me out to be Yes I made a mistake but only cause I was under so much pressure and was getting abused by my family whom I have no contact with can anyone advise what my chances are

NanaNina Mon 22-Aug-16 00:21:51

Have you posted again. I've already replied to this as have many others?

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