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omg im panicking now, big fallout to come.

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user1469380647 Sat 20-Aug-16 11:57:25

If you saw my other threads about his he lying and finding indecent child images on computer. update coming.
family told me to go down council to see if they could help me get rehoused as i cant live with someone who has no access to children under 18 i feel sick, his also been bailed here.
There looking into evicting him because of domestic violence and that his breached his tenancy agreement.
but he says his taking my 18 year old disabled dd with him even though his got nowhere to go and the council wont help him if his been evicted.
He cant go to any family because they have children.
If anybody knows what i can do.

BroomhildaVonShaft Sat 20-Aug-16 11:58:59

Does your dd want to go with him?
Is she physically or learning disabled? I mean is she likely to be particularly vulnerable and could you raise a vulnerable adult alert if she chose to leave with him?

user1469380647 Sat 20-Aug-16 12:10:42

she wants to go with him, but his brainwashed her over the years.
she cant live on streets or in car bless her.
the police have it all documented and i have a flag on this adresss.

BurningBridges Sat 20-Aug-16 18:50:54

can you ring Womens' Aid as an emergency? Bit of a bump for you as well so others will be along with more advice hopefully.

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