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Dh had a trigger- childhood abuse

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crje Wed 17-Aug-16 13:33:02

I'm looking for help

Dh had a call from his dad yesterday
He was asked to settle an argument his parents were having.
It was weather or not he had been told his uncle was abused in the past. Dh said no he hadn't heard & the call ended.

He then went quiet & said he was surprised his dad made the call, he must have forgotten!
I asked forgotten what and the following story came out.

Dh was babysat by a college student from 6-8 and she abused him. She masturbated by rubbing off him. He said there was no penetration .

He had flashbacks once he became sexually active in college & got counselling. He told his dad after that .
His dad said they were told she was 'troubled ' and they got rid of her. They thought nothing had happened, they never asked.
His dad asked that he not tell his mother as she would be devastated.
It was never spoken of again.

Dh moved the conversation on after that.

How could his dad have forgotten?
My poor Dh

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