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Brave Babes Mini-Bus

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venusandmars Tue 16-Aug-16 22:56:29

So... The Brave Babes threads (hundreds of them over the years) are for anyone who realises they have a drink problem and they are accepting and supportive of whatever you are trying to do to change something.

The BB threads are all accepting, non-judgemental, and you can post whatever you want. You can post that you are sober and want a celebratory flowers , you can post when you are drunk and want support. You can share, despair, tear out your hair. You can float, gloat, be sober as a stoat.

This is a spin off thread. This is different.

Less chitty-chat, more exultation on a moment when drink was avoided, or a month when drink was avoided.

Thanks to elba for suggesting this..... x

obrigada Wed 17-Aug-16 10:15:37

Venus, Elba, loving the idea of this thread smile flowers

Elba84 Thu 18-Aug-16 17:38:27

Thank you venus x

I was thinking maybe this can be somewhere just to post things we want to be able to share and for us to come back and refer to when we are struggling or need motivation.

So, on that note...

This is day 2. Day 1 was spent either throwing up or in bed and I've literally only just managed to get showered and moving a bit after a monumental session on Tuesday night. The hangover is starting to lift, and with it I can see my resolve weakening. But I am hoping that I can keep going this time, and that the worst hangover I've ever had might also be my I need to record just how awful I felt yesterday, and my reasons for why this time I'm not going to cave in after two days AF....

Hangovers are truly awful, however bad, as is the crippling anxiety.

I can't moderate, I don't see the point in drinking a glass. I will never stick to healthy limits as I can down 14 units in a session and still be standing. It really might be easiest just not to have the first drink.

Alcohol related diseases scare the life out of me. And are a real possibility. I don't want to be remembered as someone that drank themself to death.

I have spent a small fortune on alcohol over the years.

I am not a good drunk. I have made a fool of myself so many times. Drinking to then cope with the shame is really, really not a logical strategy and just encourages the cycle.

I have risked so much. I'm sure it's pure luck I've not been stopped in the morning blush there is no way I haven't driven over the limit. This would almost certainly be career ending.

I'm sure there is more...and I hope I will this time be able to come back with some sober positives.

Feel free to add to the list... Xxx

Fairenuff Mon 22-Aug-16 11:26:41

The positives of not drinking:

You will never regret it.

You won't hate yourself for it.

You will feel more in control of your life and your decisions.

Better sleep, better health.

You won't have alcohol related health fears or alcohol related anxiety.

These are immediate benefits. There are loads more. Feel free to add to the list MiniBabes

Fairenuff Sun 04-Sep-16 11:40:03

'Watch the film to the end Babes, distract, distract, distract'

Just putting this here as a handy mantra. Thanks to Spanna for posting it on the other thread.

Great reminder flowers

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