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Lost and alone

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GeorgeLopez16 Tue 16-Aug-16 22:04:03

So girlfriend confirmed today that we were splitting up. We'd been together just under a year and as she is a single mother of two young children there was always an issue about me getting enough time with her. I thought we'd settled into a reasonable pattern but after a holiday from which we only got back 4 weeks ago we've got to a place where she says she loves me but that we are incompatible as a couple. In the last year I've tried to do everything right for her - supported her emotionally and financially and we talked often about marriage and moving in together. Even before the holiday we were talking about changing my car to something more family friendly.

Now in what feels like such a short period of time I feel totally devastated at having lost what I thought was my future. I'd not been in a relationship for 4 years prior to this and wasn't looking to get into a relationship when we fell for each other.

I feel incredibly lonely and empty and can't see where the future lies. I dont think I've been played - she isnt the type. I am going through the whole range of emotions but nothing hurts more than the sense of loneliness and the sense of loss.

nicenewdusters Tue 16-Aug-16 23:25:22

So sorry you're going through such a hard time. Did your gf tell you why she thought you were incompatible as a couple ? Do you think perhaps things were moving too fast for her ?

Maybe she hasn't really moved on from her last relationship, if this was with the father of her two children? It's a big step to take if you're a single parent, perhaps she just isn't ready, for you or anyone.

GeorgeLopez16 Wed 17-Aug-16 08:32:03

It's been 5 years since she split with ex. A lot of the issues were due to the fact that she is busy being a mum. I've never felt I've been a priority but accepted that and made the most of the time we had. I dont think they were moving too fast as she was the one sending the Rightmove properties to me

It's the first relationship I've had in 4 years and it made me feel happy and with a purpose to life. Now my weekends are empty and I can believe how empty I feel.

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