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Lost in the wilderness

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K33pguessing Mon 15-Aug-16 22:42:10

Wondering whether anyone could help me.

I dont have much support from my mom and dad. Or any of my family on that matter. They disowned me years ago. I see that if they disowned me through no fault of my own, what do i have to offer others?
I can not trust anyone that i am with.
I try to let them in.
When i do, when i have with my latest partner, even after a little row, they have disappeared for a night and have not contacted me.
I should add at this point that they have 2 beautiful children that i adore and love.
If we have the smallest of disagreements they will disappear from my life for hours, purposefully with no contact.
I suffer from anxiety and depression and they understand this and the situation with my family.
I know that i am not perfect in any way. I understand that my lack of trust may be hard for my other half to understand.
I find it so much harder to trust my partner when they do these things.
I do not know what to do.

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