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Anyone know if there's an upper age limit for being a legal guardian?

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Jane2829 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:48:46

This question is in regards to my mum and dad being the legal guardians of their great grandson (my great newphew) who is 2.

My 20 year old niece (his mum) is suffering servely with her mental health and was sectioned a few days ago, she has scizophrenia. Her mum (my sister) left her with my parents when she was 9 and moved abroad with her new husband, she has effectively been brought up by her grandparents.

She was diagnosed with scizophrenia at 16 and when she became pregnant we where all concerned. She was happy when she found out she was pregnant as she thought a baby would "change" her, although I kept telling her she was ill and a baby couldn't get rid of her illness but she said she was desperate.

At times she is ok and can be a normal mum but the vast majority of time she has to either be supervised or my mum/dad does everything for her whilst she sleeps the day away due to her heavy medication. She never comes to family events and hardly ever leaves the house. My brother (who is 24 and still lives with my parents as well) has had to restrain her several times on occasions she's became paranoid or violent. She has to sleep in bed with my mum as she claims she is haunted when she is alone.

The worst time was when she had a migraine so my mum brought her up some pain killers. She became convinced her mum had given her medication to kill her. She then painted the walls of the house with swear words and images and locked her self in a room whilst she self harmed.

She just really can not look after him, I hope one day in the future she can get better for him but right now no one can even trust her alone with him and what's more she's not even here.

The babies dad is no where to be found and she refuses to tell us who he is, we have no idea.

My mum is 65 and my dad is 68. They are completely in love with this boy and act as if his is their own, they truly would be completely heartbroken if he was taken off of them. They are both retired, have a big home, my dad is not so active anymore as has trouble with his legs but my mum is more psyically fit than me! They have told me they don't care how "draining" it will be, they will not let him go.

At the moment we've had no contact from anyone regarding the situation. Every time she went to the doctors they've just noted she had family support so authorities where never involved. However in order to take him to the doctors etc my mum needs her written permission every time. I think it's best that they become a guardian of him, at least until she is better which is no time in the near future. does anyone know if they would be able too?

Maggiemuffsvirginity Mon 15-Aug-16 19:56:01

I know of a couple similar in age to your parents who have a residence order for their great grandchild. It might be worth getting some legal advice from a solicitor specialising in family law.

OpenMe Mon 15-Aug-16 20:01:11

Age alone wouldn't prevent it but if someone was minded to contest it, age, or the health of the proposed guardian would be one of the things that could used against them

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