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International marriages

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AGenie Sat 13-Aug-16 22:11:38


I wondered if anyone else is in an international marriage and might be able to chat about the ramifications and any good idea of how to make things easier?

I'm from one country, Dh is from another and we live in a third. We have a young ds in school and lovely grandparents on both other countries who we would like to see more often.

We can't move to be nearer the grandparents as dh's work is really very much only in this one place. I'm rubbish at travelling because of health problems so we only see them gps on skype. The health troubles are gradually improving but it's realistically going to take a couple of years before I'm good for plane travel.

I wondered if anybody is in a similar situation and would chat about solutions or at least what it's like to be where we are?


pallasathena Mon 15-Aug-16 14:49:53

If the grandparents are fit enough to fly, couldn't you extend an invitation to them to travel for a visit? Alternatively, there may be a half-way point that you and your family could easily travel to by car and make arrangements to meet up with the extended family at a pre-arranged hotel or similar. There are usually ways around these types of obstacles.
Not speaking out of my own experience here, but have a work colleague who has a sibling in a similar situation and they meet up regularly. The sibling is in Dubai which makes it easier with flights and stuff.

AGenie Tue 16-Aug-16 02:38:46

Nobody is currently really fit enough to travel. That's why it's tricky. It worked okay when we were.

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