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I've Started So I'll (need to) Finish

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SystemAticcally Thu 11-Aug-16 16:39:47

When your partner gets a bit frisky with you, do you feel that if you respond to his advances you'll have to go all the way? Do you think that he expects you to go all the way if you flirt back?

If so, do these expectations stop you from fooling around with your partner because you're not interested in going all the way?

Wuffleflump Thu 11-Aug-16 17:30:22

No, I expect to do as much as I feel like doing at the time, and vice versa for him. A really good snog is fun on its own without having to lead to sex. Feeling him up in the kitchen when he's cooking is not an invitation to immediately leap into bed. Touching frequently is exciting and feels good, and conveys attraction and love when sex might not be a possibility, or desired.

Sometimes one or other of us will think it's leading to something and it's not, and we just explain that that is the case if it comes up.

However, this is in the context of a relationship where we are both broadly happy with our sex life. Whether we have sex or not, we both know there will be another opportunity soon. I understand how it could be different if sex is already a point of contention.

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