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user1470475331 Wed 10-Aug-16 09:33:11

Hi every1 i really need some advice please. How it all started 8 months ago i was on the ipad which belongs to me & my partner i was looking up some recipes for our 9 month LG anyway i was on google and lots of pop-ups came on screen so i backed out of google went back on to it but couldnt find the page i was on so i thought that id look on the history as it would be there so i did i seen a list of things but a few things stood out and it was things my partner had been searching it was stuff like Porn, Escorts in the local area Meet & Fuck & Sex with no strings after about 3/4 weeks i confronted him he denyied it & said im senile & that i need serious help etc he got extremly defensive and he just left it i really wanted to talk about it though i know that most men watch porn but im really against it due to reasons and i told him id rather be single than with some1 who watches it anyway he said its not him etc but there is only him with the password. Since then i dont trust him to do anything or go anywhere as my mind automatically races. I went to the docs to shut him up the doctor said im not senile and its not inbmy head as i seen it etc so my boyfriend went on 1 because the doctor said that. Ive tryed to forget but its not working.. Also this is a bit personal but need advice. Recently ive noticed that before we have sex he gets himself hard & doesnt let me do it any more he always does it. My confidence has totally gone. I feel like a shell and not a person i think its because i dont do it for him anymore or he knows that i dont turn him on he trys doing it on the sly in bed but im not stupid i know when the bed is moving.. also when we have had sex ill go toilet whatever and then he will play with himself & cum again yeah only a tiny bit comes out but why does he do it??
I cant talk to him about it as he gets really defensive and refuses to talk or her will say its in my head i need serious help.. i dont trust him or anything.
He has started starring at other females whilst we are out & yea i totally understand that he is a male but he does it right in front of my eyes then denys it and says im seeing things which i know im not at all. He has totally knocked my confidence. I cant kick him out as its his house and if i leave with our LG then we will be homeless and im not doing that.. I juat really need advice or anything.. i really appreciate all ur advice & comments THANK U ALL SO MUCH X

StillDrSethHazlittMD Wed 10-Aug-16 09:35:41

Sorry, but the only advice I, and I suspect anyone else will give you, you don't want to hear. Because nothing will change, none of it will get better, you won't get your confidence back unless he leaves (which he clearly won't) or you leave (which you say you won't).

Blunt but basically you have to leave or put up and shut up with this pile of shit for the rest of your life.

candybar007 Wed 10-Aug-16 10:35:09

Sorry to say this but he now gets turned on by porn sex and he wont admit it, no woman should be made to feel like you do so LTB.

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