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I Think He Lied...

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picklypopcorn Tue 09-Aug-16 12:50:09

Background: DP and I have been together 8 years, bought a house together 2 years ago, all fine. I'm the breadwinner but DP works about 30 hours a week in a restaurant setting. DP hates his job so has told me he's looking for a new one. About 6 months ago the restaurant changed hands and he was unemployed for just over a month. In that time he told me he was applying for 3 or 4 jobs a day. That's all fine too except he never got any replies.

He ended up working back at the same restaurant but with his hours changed to mean he now works most evenings and we don't get to spend time together at all during the week. We are like ships in the night and it's been really hard.

This morning I woke him up (only time I actually see him) and told him I can't continue the way things are and I need him to either change his hours so that we actually see each other, or he needs to find another job. We have had this discussion many MANY times before but generally, he says he's looking for another job for a while and then the subject just seems to fade away. This is really frustrating!

Anyway, this morning he said he'd seen a couple of jobs online and would be applying for them. One was as an estate agent and they weren't looking for experience, just willingness to learn. I was majorly excited because it would be perfect as it's 9-5 and I'd actually have weekends with him too!

When I got to work this morning I decided to go online and look up the job to see what the advert actually said and to get an idea of what DP's CV would need to look like etc.

You know what's coming..... no job.

I checked every possible google search i could think of, I even checked archives of the job listings on the companies website.. nothing.

Now I'm questioning everything. Has he ever been making the effort to find another job or has he been fobbing me off the whole time and telling me what he thinks I want to hear??

Talk me down guys...

P.S: In all other aspects DP is great and we have no other problems, I have no reason to believe he's ever lied to me before.

SandyY2K Tue 09-Aug-16 20:03:29

There's lots of different job sites and just because you didn't find it doesn't mean he's lying. Ask him what site it was on before jumping to conclusions.

bigbumbrunette Tue 09-Aug-16 20:21:47

I'd have to ask him outright where the job was advertised, there's no point tying yourself up in knots without knowing. Some agents will use word of mouth when looking for staff rather than advertising in the public domain. I'd find it more suspect that it's mon-Fri 9-5. I'm an EA and generally in this business the hours are longer with weekends too!

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