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Fed up

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MrsOs Mon 08-Aug-16 18:22:04

So am 43 with ds aged 3.5.. Been married 10 yrs. alot of that was ttc and it was horrid with 4 rounds of tough ivf. We got ds as a miracle really naturally.

Anyway we dont have sex any more havent for a long time.

My period is off and im worried i either have cancer or menopause is coming. It made me feel really sad as maybe we could have had another dc if we had tried. No sex = no more kids..

So i said to him why dont we anymore he said because i feel your mad with me all the time. Im sorry but that is bullshit! We dont argue 24/7 yes we are tired more but im hardly the fucking witch of the west!

I dont feel attracted to him because he is the most miserable bastard ive known. He is sooooooo miserable, nothing makes him happy. But we get along. There isnt much touching or affection.

I told him well move out, lets separate!

TheNaze73 Mon 08-Aug-16 20:11:47

Without wanting to play Mumsnet bingo, as per a previous thread, it really doesn't sound like you like each other. Sounds like your existing rather than living. You say you get along, yet he's so miserable?? I couldn't live like that

Iflyaway Mon 08-Aug-16 20:17:37

Life is for living. Not in this kind of misery.

Do it for yourself and DD. You will thank yourself and she will too.

Please don't give her this template for her future relationships. You don't deserve it either.

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