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Narcisstic Mother

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Hope34 Mon 08-Aug-16 14:52:12

Hello All

I have posted on this matter in the past, and thought, stupidly, I had got control of this. I had some very beneficial counselling, and decided to go from LC to NC.....however I can't do this as my family stalk me!

Background, Narc mother, neglectful in my childhood, my younger siblings ignore this and refuse to acknowledge and I have become the family source of piss taking and amusement. My youngest sibling believes she is in charge has has phoned me, by getting her mother in law to phone first from her phone!!

She is insisting I phone my parents once per week(Not elderly or in need of care).

I have lived abroad for 20 years and now that I live in the same city they visit me randomly with no notice, call or text. I have 2 children under 4 which they have never paid any interest in, and when I asked for help several years ago (to visit one weekend ever 6 months to help) I worked full time doing shift work and had exams also. They visit for 30-40 minutes ask questions and then leave...

If I am out when they call, they wait in their car down the road and then come after me!

I feel angry/harassed and bullied.....sort this is such a rant

My continue NC...maybe LC. My DP has been so supportive and explains their behaviour as all about having control over me, putting me down and belittling me. I don't want to have a confrontation with them as I have done this years ago and to no avail.....

Thank you

Aussiebean Mon 08-Aug-16 16:00:02

NC sounds the way to go. You dont have to have a conversation, just do the slow fade. Be very busy that day, say you will call them back but don't, there is someone at the door, forget your phone, turn off voicemail so there is no message, get caller id.

Look after your self and your babies.

Hope34 Mon 08-Aug-16 19:56:35

Thank you Aussie

I needed confirmation.

I have to quote the Godfather
"just when you think your out....they pull you back in'

Thank you

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