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Left the abusive b*****d

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BackAwayFatty Sun 07-Aug-16 11:56:36

I was with xpartner for 4 years. He was verbally abusive, put me down & discouraged my relationships with friends/family. A total mind f**k. Tried to break free from him quite a few times over the years & always got pulled back in.

I dropped off his stuff yesterday, got my key back. Blocked his number, Facebook etc. (Never went this far before)

Last night I found him on plenty of fish (dating website), looks like he's been on a while. I'm so glad! It was the closure I needed.

I've accepted that I won't see him again & I'm OK with that :-)

Just wanted to share with someone!

Getit Sun 07-Aug-16 12:00:16

Good for you
Welcome to the rest of your new and happy life!
Keep posting for support and stay strong x

BackAwayFatty Sun 07-Aug-16 12:04:09

Thank you getit!

I feel like a new person.

Plus my house is tidy with him away -
Bonus! Ha

AnyFucker Sun 07-Aug-16 12:07:52


Resilience16 Tue 09-Aug-16 04:35:59

Hi Backaway, I could have written your post word for word, exactly same situation ( right down to the 4 years and POF)and I finally walked away for good in Jan.
Well done to you. You have deffo done the right thing. NC is the way forward. He will probably try to get in touch, just ignore ignore ignore. Don't be tempted to cyberstalk, just file him away under "loser".
You might have wobbles in the future and wonder if you have done the right thing. Write yourself a list now while it's still fresh in your mind of all his shitty behaviour,and refer back to it if you feel yourself wobbling.
May be worth doing the Freedom programme (I've just started doing the online version), to help you identify and avoid abusive relationships in the future. It has taken me years to realise I have patterns in the kind of men I pick, and after this last one I really want to change that pattern!
Onwards and upwards and good luck.

Rainbowqueeen Tue 09-Aug-16 05:20:05

Well done you!!!

Hope you spend a fab weekend planning the rest of your fab life without him

Resilience has some brilliant advice above

Wishing you all the best

BackAwayFatty Wed 10-Aug-16 00:27:36

Thank you resilience & rainbow.

I've cut all contact. Blocked all forms of communication & started ignoring his e-mails. No turning back!

The info re patterns is very interested & I'll look at. I definitely do not want to fall into another abusive trap.

Hopefully others read this & see there's hope to break free xxx

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