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Lack of empathy/understanding from spouse

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dalmatinka85 Sat 06-Aug-16 14:59:53

Hi there. New to this site. I feel like I need to vent to people who will not be able to tell my hubby off, as in good friends, older sister, etc. Lol. Well, my dad had a massive stroke about 4 weeks ago and he is currently in coma, with only the bare minimum of improvements, if you can call them that. My hubby and I had a trip planned to Europe with our little one, but we ended up cancelling. Originally, I wanted to postpone the trip but the more I visit my dad and see how frail he's become, the less comfortable I am in going at all. My hubby is very clearly annoyed by the fact that I decided I don't want to go at all. He is giving me the silent treatment and I am absolutely disgusted by his behaviour. Yes, he was there through it all but not once has he really cracked a tear or done his very best to comfort me. I also suffer from anxiety /claustrophobia and I avoid elevators, need to take pills to go on a plane, etc. I HATE feeling this way, but instead of being understanding to my issues he gets annoyed by me and thinks it's silly that I feel that way. According to him, you're not mentally tough. He grew up in a household where his family never shared their feelings and his father is a complete alpha male who was a part time father to him. My hubby also had cancer as a teen and it was his mom who was there for him through it all, not his father. I have no idea if his capacity for empathy became stunted due to his relationship, or lacktherof, with his father. Anyways, I am so incredibly hurt by all of this and really devastated. I genuinely feel that if he continues this type of behaviour or doesn't genuinely apologize to me for being such an ass, I will want a divorce. I will not tolerate total disregard for my feelings. Anyways, just had to vent. sad

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