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How to stop feeling rejected

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walterwater Mon 01-Aug-16 19:07:14

About 6 months ago my BF of a couple of years ended things with me. Things hadn't been great for a while but at the time i was going through a horrible period at work, my self-esteem was really low and him finishing things was just another thing at a bad time. Since then i haven't seen or heard from him much and when i think of him i generally remember the crap stuff, yet still it upsets me that he finished with me.

Today i found out that he was at a party at the weekend, that i was supposed to go to but didn't, with his new girlfriend and suddenly i was flooded with thoughts of why wasn't i good enough for him.

How do i stop feeling rejected and not good enough when deep down i know that it's for the best that we are not together?

TheNaze73 Mon 01-Aug-16 20:03:38

It sounds like you may need some counselling I think OP. It wasn't a case that you weren't good enough, just that you wasn't what he was looking for. Lucky you found out after only 2 years & weren't massively invested, which is a positive. You'll be the centre of someone's universe soon. Good luck & don't forget, that you're the prize flowers

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