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Not bloody fair!

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WoodenTrees Mon 01-Aug-16 01:54:12

He is downstairs playing loud music. It's nearly two in the morning, I'm in tears, I need to sleep. So pissed off. I was asleep, a new torture, obviously.

finnmcool Mon 01-Aug-16 01:57:32

What's going on that you can't ask him to turn it down?
A new torture sounds like you're in an abusive relationship.
Do you want to leave?

minatiae Mon 01-Aug-16 02:09:13

ex used to do this on purpose to stop me from sleeping. if that is what this is I would advise leaving the relationship.

WoodenTrees Mon 01-Aug-16 07:33:45

Thank you. I just wanted it down somewhere. It's an escalation, I did go downstairs and ask for it to be turned down, but apparently it was dd's fault because she wanted to listen to music hmm. She wasn't in the room. Then it was my fault because I've always said I don't mind. I don't, at 2 in the afternoon, but 2 in the morning, surely logic kicks in? Then I got shouted at and asked whether all the times I said I hadn't minded were a lie. I walked away. It was however turned off. If I'm lucky he'll behave as though nothing has happened this morning, although he's already stomped past me twice without speaking. We'll see.

SpringTown46 Mon 01-Aug-16 07:47:13

Why are you with a person who thinks so little of you?

WoodenTrees Mon 01-Aug-16 10:16:31

Aaarghh! Just went to clean the kitchen and had forgotten that I'd cooked last night. Discussed it with him, yep, what he wanted. By the time it was ready though he'd had his bad mood and refused to eat it. He made himself something later. What a waste.
I'm posting here because I want it safely somewhere.

Montane50 Mon 01-Aug-16 23:41:50

Your posts seem irrational and sporadic, are you ok?

AnyFucker Tue 02-Aug-16 00:08:32

Your life doesn't sound at all pleasant or secure

WoodenTrees Tue 02-Aug-16 16:58:54

Montane I can only post when he's upstairs asleep. Sorry if they seem a touch irrational, I try and get things down where I can, when I can. I have another thread running: here
AnyFucker Ducks are being aligned.

MiddleClassProblem Tue 02-Aug-16 17:05:33

I don't understand why you didn't post this on there?

MiddleClassProblem Tue 02-Aug-16 17:06:24

I think that thread you have a support team so it's a good avenue to vent to people who have read more of the story

WoodenTrees Tue 02-Aug-16 17:56:59

MiddleClass, neither do I. I suspect initially because it was two in the morning and I'd been woken somewhat abruptly by loud music. Just wasn't thinking straight. I shall go back there, you're right, there is support there.

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