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Separation - am I doing the right thing?

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Grosbisous Sun 31-Jul-16 15:21:33

I'm driving myself mad. For months now I have been sure that separation is the right thing to do. Now all of a sudden I'm panicking.

DH and I have been together for 6 years, married 3 and we have a beautiful DD who is 18 months.

We bicker all the time. He's extremely thoughtless, lazy and lies so much. I feel he doesn't have any respect for me. I am very resentful of him.

After much discussion, sleeping in separate rooms and constant arguing, we have decided to part ways, counselling did not help and the atmosphere in the house is horrible for DD. He is moving out next week.

I'm mentally exhausted. I have been so sure that this is what I want. But then all of a sudden I've got cold feet and I'm worried that no one else will ever want me, or that DD will never have a full sibling.

I think I just need reassurance that things will get better.

mumndad37 Sun 31-Jul-16 16:26:51

flowers It will get better. You can count on it. Right now you sound tired, and a bit afraid of the huge changes that will come with the separation. Take care of yourself, have something to eat, as many cups of tea as you'd like, get some sun, a hot bath, etc. etc. And find things to enjoy with your DD. Next year you will look back and be soooo glad you did this. [hugs]

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