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Shorter Man

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Dontknow12 Fri 29-Jul-16 21:21:33

Can it ever work if the man is shorter? It feels wrong....

ethelb Fri 29-Jul-16 21:23:48

Jesus. How shallow. Let him go and find someone who is going to be nice to him.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Fri 29-Jul-16 21:25:10

It works for Sophie Dahl and her singer husband. His name escapes me, Jamie something?

pinkyredrose Fri 29-Jul-16 21:27:13

Jamie McCullen. She's 5ft 10 he's 5ft 3.

OP how much shorter is he than you?

DancingDinosaur Fri 29-Jul-16 21:29:13

Of course it can. If you like him why should it matter?

Trashbox Fri 29-Jul-16 21:29:42

I've had this. It didn't bother me, but people do make comments/jokes, which hoy just have to laugh off/ignore.

areyoubeingserviced Fri 29-Jul-16 21:32:29

I know a few women who have turned down a man for being shorter than them.
The men are now happily married or in a LTR. The women are still single. Just saying

toadgirl Fri 29-Jul-16 21:32:49

Or course it can work. It's not what people are used to seeing, but sod them.

I had a boyf once much shorter than me. He was brilliant. We had so much fun together.

LynetteScavo Fri 29-Jul-16 21:35:46

It would feel wrong to me too.

Maybe I'm just shallow.

Or maybe not...we're not talking about a friendship her are we...we're talking about a partner with whom you'd be having a sexual relationship with, long term. Such a person needs to be pretty spot on.

LynetteScavo Fri 29-Jul-16 21:36:45

I'm sure it can work though...,mov treason why it shouldn't if you're not me.

NeedAnotherGlass Fri 29-Jul-16 21:37:56

Why wouldn't it?
I'm taller than my DH, especially with my heels on.
He loves it and I love being tall, what's not to love!

jayho Fri 29-Jul-16 21:41:42

never bothered me, 5'9". I like really tall men but, when I've been attracted to a shorter chap, haven't let it put me off.

becciandbump Fri 29-Jul-16 21:59:27

Why is somebody's height so important. Id date them for their personality, sense of humour and character. On the other hand maybe he'll dump U first as you are too tall!

toadgirl Fri 29-Jul-16 22:15:13

I'm a tall woman, but all of my short friends (think 5ft 1") have all said they wouldn't touch a guy under 6 feet shock Beats me! Shouldn't they leave the tall ones alone for the likes of me? Not that I have a "he must be taller than me" thing going on myself.

timelytess Fri 29-Jul-16 22:16:20

Shorter than whom?

thestamp Sat 30-Jul-16 00:20:56

Everyone's the same height in bed. Doesn't bother me as long as there's an attraction

Borogoves Sat 30-Jul-16 00:23:51

It's worked for me and DH for the last 21 years.

SuburbanRhonda Sat 30-Jul-16 00:24:57

DH is three inches shorter than me.

I could have held out for someone taller but I doubt they'd have been as lovely as he is smile

Savagebeauty Sat 30-Jul-16 00:25:53

My partner is five feet seven. I'm six feet.
We both love it.

GertrudeSmellsDivine Sat 30-Jul-16 00:33:29

As the wife of a short man and the mother of 3 short men, it's great to see some positive responses to this question for a change. I genuinely didn't consider DH's height until years after we were married and someone mentioned he was short.

I do have major spatial awareness issues though grin

christmaswreaths Sat 30-Jul-16 10:01:45

It's a huge turn off for me. I know it's shallow but can't help who I am.attracted to. I am short so maybe that's why. Dh is 6'3. I also never dated a hairy man and i am hairy! Maybe something psychological.about being attracted to opposites lol x

Itsnowornever01 Sat 30-Jul-16 10:05:08

I don't mind as long as there nice and kind smile, although I do sometimes find tall men intimidating even if their not!

ElspethFlashman Sat 30-Jul-16 10:05:32

Everyone's the same height lying down. wink

RubbishMantra Sat 30-Jul-16 10:31:36

For some reason before I met DDDH I was attracted to short men -probably because my father is above average height. I'm about 5'9", and used to have a fondness for 5" heels. I remember, years ago, out with a boyfriend, and some kids shouting, "Haha, he's short and she's tall!" We just laffed.

When I met (tall-ish) DDDH the attraction was immense, and I loved tiptoe-ing to kiss the back of his neck, bare-foot.

Attraction is attraction. Throw away the "tick box list".

RubbishMantra Sat 30-Jul-16 10:39:53

* I didn't kiss DH's neck with my actual bare feet. That would have been something entirely different, most likely involving hand-stands and the Kama Sutra. grin

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