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Make me see the crap outcome please!

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mistakemaker7 Fri 29-Jul-16 08:26:00

From my other post you will see my ex has asked to perhaps try again but I don't think he knows that during the last 8 mths I have been with someone else. Anyway he called last and was kind of back tracking, saying i hurt him deeply( he left us) it was all my fault due to me having a social life and bloody Facebook?? The conversation reminded me everything would have to be his way only. He doesn't take into account the torment of silent treatment fir days on end, not knowing if I had done anything, or the fact his life was run around cannabis! After this time out he still can't see his wrongs! Sorry I just needed to vent, I miss being a family strangely, it will take time to get used to but the more I think the more I realise I can't go back to this stress.

StillDrSethHazlittMD Fri 29-Jul-16 08:28:06

We don't need to make you see the crap outcome. You've just done that yourself in your vent. He has asked, you don't have to say yes. You can use that useful two-letter word "no". He won't change, you have, continue moving on.

MrsBertBibby Fri 29-Jul-16 08:31:20

If what you describe as your life with him is "being a family", then being a family sucks!

You're well shot of him, as you know.

mistakemaker7 Fri 29-Jul-16 14:45:11

This us true, I can see how crap it would be yet still what I yearn for, do low thinking of myself he has me convinced it's all my fault. Horrible state of mind, I was accepting and moving on very slowly then he disrupts things and changes his moody mind all over again!

DietCockBreak Fri 29-Jul-16 14:56:53

He sounds fucking awful and the potential 'family life' you describe would be shit for everyone (except him, of course). You're well rid. I wouldn't consider anything he says, not for a second.

redexpat Fri 29-Jul-16 15:32:51

Well the cannabis has already done a number on his memory hasn't it? Yours is much much more reliable.

mistakemaker7 Fri 29-Jul-16 16:48:12

Thank, im just so angry with myself for allowing him to mess with my head again!! In fact im fuming with myself to even give this a thought, feel like im back at square one now.

Resilience16 Fri 29-Jul-16 18:34:43

You are not in the wrong here, he is. He is a classic headworker, trying to make you feel guilty and at fault when it was his crappy behaviour that split you up. If he can't see he's in the wrong then his behaviour is never going to change, you can't make him change.Do you really want to be lumbered with that?
Please don't let him guilt trip you .You deserve better, don't take this loser back.

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