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OLD - help me to help my sister

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Usedtobeanxious Thu 28-Jul-16 19:17:46

I met my husband via OLD about 10 years ago and we are genuinely very happy and settled; I therefore have a broadly positive view of OLD.

My sister, who is 49 and never really had a long-term relationship, has decided to try OLD.

She has recently come out of a quite (in my view) oppressive religion & wants to meet someone. She has a grown up DS who has finished uni and is increasingly living his own life.

She and I have never been super-close as we have a very loving but somewhat strong-minded domineeering mum, with whom my sister still lives. She really wants my help as our mum is still in this religion.
Tragically, she said she is so lonely and wants to start living.

My sister is a bit shy and a not particularly confident. She is a bit innocent - I don't mean to be patronising - she is always a bit vulnerable to people at work who target quiet, less confident people.

I am trying to help her find a bit more style with her clothes and hair, which she asked me to help with.

Right, to get to the point then - which OLD sites are good for someone like my sister who wants to meet a nice, regular fella rather than a succession of fuck-buddies. She said she wants a nice relationship & someone to spend time going to theatre, opera, museums & stuff. She said she is not looking for some wild affair or to be swept off her feet (although that would be lovely!)

My experience of on-line dating is a bit out of date; what do you reckon would be a good dating site for her? Thanks

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