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15 year age gap....

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seethelight Wed 27-Jul-16 10:18:02

Hi just want to start buy saying i am a male looking for some adivce
i'm separated, one DC 6 who i see every other weekend due to distance
I've met a wonderful person, the only thing is she is 22 and i am 37.. we really get on well but the dynamics are a little tricky, she works in the service industry and does stupidly long hours sometimes, so there can be weeks we hardly see each other, we talk everyday, and message each other but sometimes when we meet up (especially if her friends are there) its like i'm not there but when we are alone its great, but its always on her terms and i feel like i'm always waiting for her to want to see me..

StillDrSethHazlittMD Wed 27-Jul-16 10:23:27

What advice are you looking for? Not quite sure what the question is/questions are?

INeedNewShoes Wed 27-Jul-16 10:25:45

I think there are issues here aside from the age gap. It doesn't sound great anyway. A 15 year age gap is perfectly manageable but it doesn't sound as though she is looking for the same in a relationship as you are.

RiceCrispieTreats Wed 27-Jul-16 10:40:58

It doesn't sound like she's a wonderful partner if she acts like you're not there and only sees you on her terms.

And frankly, a 22 yo and 37 yo are at completely different stages in life.

seethelight Wed 27-Jul-16 11:19:11

yeah.. starting to see that now.
everything was great up until a couple of weeks ago, now its like she wants to chat on the phone etc but cant be bothered to spend time with me
I think i'll leave it for a bit, let her come to me if she wants to. Get myself some space to think.

Itsnowornever01 Wed 27-Jul-16 13:23:47

Why are they almost always younger, don't think it has much to do with things in common or lifestyles? grin

teenybean Wed 27-Jul-16 13:27:59

There are 14 years between me & oh, we got together when I was 21 & he was 35, it is perfectly manageable, in fact, we have a wonderful relationship, 7 years & 2 children later, & I wouldn't change a thing!
The problem in your relationship isn't the age gap, it's your oh, who seems to not be sure of what she wants. Good luck x

SandyY2K Wed 27-Jul-16 14:01:48

Not all 22 year old are mature and she's still discovering things in life. That childish chatting away to her mates while you're there and ignoring you.

I'd sit back and leave it for her to do the running. If she doesn't then cut her loose.

Then try a lady closer to your age.

Maverick66 Wed 27-Jul-16 14:14:12

I have two daughters aged 26 and 23.
26 year old could handle a relationship with a 37 year old but wouldn't entertain someone that much older. 23 year old def would not go near a 37 year old.

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