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Feeling so alone - help me get through this weekend

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sorryformyself33 Tue 26-Jul-16 11:02:53

After breaking up with a long term partner a few months ago, I was seeing a guy who I thought really liked me but it turns out he has commitment issues and although we are still friends we are no longer together which really hurts. I know I need a bit of time to be me and be single but at 33 I really feel that time is running out for me to meet someone and have a family.

I do have a lovely (although small) group of friends but this weekend everyone is away. I live really far from all my family and older friends and I live alone so I won't see anyone I know this weekend and I'm not good at being alone. Please help me get through a weekend of feeling miserable, lonely and sorry for myself - give me ideas of things I can do that will help me get on with my life and get myself in a better headspace mentally.

Sorry for the self pity rant! I'm normally ok but its just hit me all at once.

lukasgrahamfan Tue 26-Jul-16 13:43:21

Keep busy. Plan a day at home of pampering, box sets, reading a good book/new magazine, doing jobs you have been putting off, try a new recipe, bake a cake then treat yourself in the evening....if it's pouring down. Prepare a bit in advance and get in things you like to eat, beauty products, wine...whatever you like.

If good weather google events in your area, festivals, fairs, shows, gardens etc. Take a trip to a beauty spot, take a picnic, take a book. Go shopping, have a coffee and cake/cream tea. Cinema trip, theatre, a long walk, visit a new village....

Just suggestions, but plan your weekend so one hour leads onto the next. An activity or relaxing couple of hours for each morning, afternoon and evening...and time should fly. Hopefully you will recharge your batteries and also enjoy your own company.

sorryformyself33 Tue 26-Jul-16 14:05:47

Thank you for answering lukas, some really great suggestions. I'll try to get up the motivation to do some of those things.

loobyloo1234 Tue 26-Jul-16 14:32:09

Hey OP. 33 is no age, you have plenty of time smile

Keeping busy is a good idea. Are you member of a gym? Get some classes booked in. Also, any farmers markets or mini festivals going on in your area? Buy some books, go shopping.

Just do not stay in and mope around. You won't meet 'The One' at home grin

lukasgrahamfan Tue 26-Jul-16 14:34:23

I know only too well what it is to be lonely and have the weekend stretch in front of you. I think being organised and making plans in advance helps. I forgot to add buy a local newspaper too for things going on in your area.

[I should take my own advice]....Have a good weekend.

StillDrSethHazlittMD Tue 26-Jul-16 15:25:36

I almost never see or speak to anyone on a Sunday. I have lots of friends but they all have kids or are coupled so do family things. A lot of Saturdays can be like that too, although do tend to do something with some friend or other every other Saturday as a whole. Most of my hobbies only happen in the week or are very weather dependent and solo things. No real suggestions, some days I'm fine about it, others feel incredibly lonely, even when I do find things to do - cinema, theatre, walk.

To be fair, you only just broke up with the long term partner and only just stopped seeing this chap. You're clearly perfectly dateable and you're only 33. Come back here when you're 42 and been single for 6 years like me and then you can really have a wallowing self-pity rant! wink

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