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thoughts on using technology to distract my children?

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Sydneymother Fri 22-Jul-16 12:34:27

hi everyone - first time posting here. i've just relocated to Manchester from Sydney and am finding it quite stressful being at home with my two kids (6 & 12). They're yet to go school yet so are always home, which is great however taking up a lot of my time whilst trying to make the home cosy and to try and find a job. My SO is out working, so it's just me.

We've always been quite tech free in the household, especially when spending time together. But right now I am seriously considering getting them a tablet or phone so they can sit down and give me some P&Q.

Have any of you done this? I'm worried if I get them a phone, they wont want to spend time with me or watch our shows on sunday evening.

PS anyone have any tips on how to make our Sunday evening TV time fun? I want to relax but feel like a bad mother when it's just sitting there. maybe we can play games or pull out the crisps to reconnect?

xo Shaz

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