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What would you do? STBXH just an absolute ......

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donners312 Thu 21-Jul-16 19:55:10

I have posted about my STBXH issues before and we have so many issues but the latest one is to do with my DC.

Long story short the children and I returned to the UK last summer and since then STBXH has reneged on EVERYTHING.

No house, no money etc etc and my family have supported me and the children. he did pay for their school fee's but no maintenance and we would have been homeless if not for my family.

Now he is saying he won't even pay the school fee's - i feel sick my my poor children as they relocated here and knew no one and have settled in so well making friends and working hard.

I have asked him to come and explain (he won't) or should i do it?

I don't get why professional people say children are better of having a relationship with a crap parent - he just doesn't give a toss about them how is it better for them?

or find a way to pay them myself my family have offered to help but......

He is a C@nt!!! I cannot believe anyone could have so little empathy for their own children.

Just feel sick!!

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