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on -line dating

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conway Tue 19-Jul-16 22:05:52

Had a lovely date tonight , 3 rd date with the same guy. quick kiss that was all.
He says that he is very attracted to me but doesn't know what he wants.
He doesn't want either of us to get hurt as he could see a few months down the road that it could all end badly,
I have only just started this online dating and he was only my 2nd guy I have met.
I am very attracted to him unlike the other date I had.
I feel so sad as I really like him and feel after just coming out of a 20 year marriage , it is nice to feel that loving feeling.
How do I get over this. I know it is pathetic but feel more down about this than the end of my bad marriage.
Any advice?

FreeFromHarm Tue 19-Jul-16 22:46:24

You are moving on, it is the change of your future , it will get better, has he been married before ? Seems a very strange thing to say, he does not want it to end , do you have much in common ?

LesisMiserable Thu 21-Jul-16 22:47:06

I'd be verrrrry wary of sounds to me like a neat little line I've heard once or twice and its basically a disclaimer so that from here on out he has told you he "doesn't know what he wants" so don't have expectations basically (however fully expect him to up the physical ante now as he's already lowered your expectations to zilch if you'll get physical with him on that basis he's found himself a FWB. Up to you.

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