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Does anyone know what this icon is?

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Swilliow92 Sat 16-Jul-16 13:37:27

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knows which app this icon is for? Its the white hollow heart.. is it a dating app?

Would love any help x

Shitonyoursofa Sat 16-Jul-16 13:41:34

I think you get hearts like that when someone likes your posts on twitter. Not 100 percent sure as I don't use it but I think I've seen them on OHs phone and that's what they're for, I don't think it's anything dodgy!

Swilliow92 Sat 16-Jul-16 13:43:58

Thank you smile

2nds Sat 16-Jul-16 13:45:12

Go into settings on her phone and look for the storage or apps

Swilliow92 Sat 16-Jul-16 13:49:33

Its a bit hard he doesn't live here or anything and the phone never leaves his side this was from a screen shot he sent me. Im just curious but relly dont want to ask

maddiesparks Sat 16-Jul-16 13:54:20

IT looks like the 'likes' notification on Instagram

Swilliow92 Sat 16-Jul-16 14:07:11

I just cant seen to find a hollw heart. All the ones I've seen have been solid white.

RachelGoldberg Sat 16-Jul-16 15:26:50

It looks more like a heart monitor/ health app to me. What phone is it as my samsung edge is heavily customisable so my apps look nothing like normal logos sometimes.

Iwasbornin1993 Sat 16-Jul-16 15:32:43

Not sure what it is, but 99.9% sure it's not to do with Twitter or Instagram. Their notifications don't appear like that.

Swilliow92 Sat 16-Jul-16 15:39:09

Its a Samsung s series. Yeah, i didn't think it was any form of social media. Thanks for the help smile

Claraoswald36 Sat 16-Jul-16 15:41:04

I haven't seen a dating app do anything like that

Lookatyourwatchnow Sat 16-Jul-16 15:41:19

It's not Instagram

maddiesparks Sat 16-Jul-16 16:08:45

Could it be from the 'Line' app? It's an app used to text people a bit like what's app - have you done a Google search to see if anything comes up?

wonderingsoul Sat 16-Jul-16 16:16:45

Heart radio has a heart like that. Also google says instergrame

Swilliow92 Sat 16-Jul-16 16:38:11

Thanks everyone. I have google searched endlessly so i thought id ask here. smile

iloveberries Sat 16-Jul-16 18:23:45

Why don't you ask him? hmm

RealityCheque Sat 16-Jul-16 18:56:51

From those notifications, it appears you other half is having a three-way orgy with an alarm clock and an envelope, in a suitcase.

True issues, much?

nickiminageatrois Sat 16-Jul-16 20:59:09

could be favourites/most visited sites shortcut?

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