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Good places in London to meet an eligible 'husband material' man?

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SingleGirlInTheCity Thu 14-Jul-16 19:53:31

I'm not a mother but I do have a dilemma that you can hopefully help me with! I'm a new immigrant to London. I applied on a whim and I was unexpectedly offered a place on an economics PhD program. I'm mostly very excited to be here but I feel a twinge of misgiving when I realise that I'm twenty five and I'm here for the next five years.

I'd ideally like to meet and marry a man by the time I'm thirty. If I were back home it would be much easier as I have a close-knit social circle with intelligent, interesting, high-achieving men who are quite settled in their lives and entering into serious relationships now. However, student life in London is more transient and alienating. Everyone around me seems unsure of where life will take them and unlikely to be 'marriage material'. I don't have good friend or family here to introduce me to anyone and I find Tinder too superficial and frankly, unromantic.

At the risk of sounding like a character out of a Victorian romance, can I ask where one meets eligible men in London? The kind who are intelligent, successful, driven and ready to settle down and start a family in this city? Are there any particular clubs or professional institutions I could join perhaps? I come from a very culturally different place so sorry if this question sounds daft!

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